The Hedge – December 2022 Edition

This month’s Hedge features some excellent articles from Simmons & Simmons, AIMA, Turnkey and Perigon Partners on ESG. In this issue we also cover:

  • November hedge fund performances as equity hedge leads the charge, with managers benefiting from resurgent global equity markets, while macro disappoints, and at the bottom are the crypto funds.
  • Private equity was more mixed, with big brand fundraisings but also starting to see liquidity concerns in real estate and disappointing results.
  • Commodity funds are back in vogue, particularly in the quant space, although November numbers are likely to be down.
  • Activists were more subdued – Disney and Alphabet may disagree.
  • Crypto was the big side-story of the month, with some of the best-known investors deep in the FTX debacle and new names added daily.
  • We also have much more…

In our ESG features, we are delighted to have Jack Inglis, CEO at AIMA, writing about hedge funds and the drive to net zero, Lucian Firth from Simmons and Simmons picking up the FCA’s climate-related requirements, Wayne Ng, Head of Innovation at Turnkey, looking at the importance of technology and data when building an ESG strategy and we wrap this section up with Emma Tottenham from Perigon Partners, who writes on the convergence of ESG frameworks, which will hopefully make all our lives far easier.

We also have John Dooley from Simmons & Simmons writing about the important changes to the KID content requirements from 1 January 2023.

In our regulatory update from the excellent Matt Raver at RQC Group, we cover:

  • The FCA reminding firms how to promote financial products to the public.
  • The director banned by the FCA for “violent criminal offences” and the former bank CEO censured for failing to take ‘reasonable steps to assess and mitigate AML risks.’
  • The CFTC publicly recognising the FCA for taking actions to ensure cross-border cooperation and the SEC releasing 760 enforcement results for the fiscal year, up from 697 the previous year

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