Our approach

We are an experienced, independent team of growth-oriented investment managers committed to discovering transformative companies and opportunities in emerging markets.

SA Equity Long/Short (SA Managed)

Our range of long/short equity products gives you access to different strategies that can deliver the risk and reward that you need to meet your goals.

Emerging Markets Equity
Long/Short (UK Managed)

Emerging markets are often overlooked in favour of well-known investment options. We strive to find the opportunities hidden beyond the familiar. Through our extensive experience, we have learnt how to transform these unexpected opportunities into growth by exploring the path less followed.

SA Market Neutral Fund (SA Managed)

This strategy is focussed on capital preservation and offers dependable results. We employ multiple investment methodologies to construct a portfolio that aims to deliver uncorrelated risk adjusted returns. We invest in equities and derivatives listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, it provides a fresh perspective on familiar opportunities.

Unit Trust – SA Long Only

Through a range of long only funds in our stable, we aim to deliver superior long term capital growth. We have a range of long only funds looking to deliver equity like returns at lower risk levels. These funds aim to achieve maximum capital growth over the medium to long term. These Funds are suitable for investors who can withstand potential capital volatility in the short term.

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